Giving a voice!

to the unheard

Hackney People First has worked for 35 years speaking up and speaking out for adults with a learning disability in Hackney.

Hackney People First believes in the social model of disability. This means that people are disabled by society and not through any fault of their own, or because of how they are physically. We do not believe in the ‘medical model’ of disability. We do not believe there is anything ‘wrong’ with a person with a learning disability. It is just that they might have support needs that others do not have. All people at some stage in their life need support. They might get that support from family, friends, or even from paid staff.

Self Advocacy means that even though a person with a learning disability may ask for support from others, they still have the right to be in control. Self Advocacy is about having the right to make your own decisions. Self Advocacy is about not being controlled or affected by others who might have their own interests.

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