About us

Hackney People First is a user-led Self Advocacy organisation that is run by, and for, adults with a learning disability in Hackney. We have been around since the 1980’s to raise awareness and campaign for the rights of people with a learning disability to get what they are entitled to. We work to empower people to have a voice.

Our services are open to any adult with a learning disability living in Hackney. People use our services for lots of different reasons and we believe that everyone has something to offer, and can receive good things from using our services. Lots of our members say that they enjoy making new friends and keeping in touch with old friends. Some people say that coming to the meetings gives them something to do and that they would get bored at home otherwise. For some people it is the only time they get the chance to speak up and be heard!

By being part of Hackney People First, people with a learning disability in Hackney can help to make things better for themselves and for others with a learning disability. You can help others to become more aware of what it means to have a learning disability.

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