What we offer

Our services to individuals and organisations.

‘Better Together’ is the name of our new project, tackling the issue of social isolation

We meet weekly on Fridays from 5pm to 7pm

Self advocacy service

We run a Speak Up group once a week on a Monday where members come to speak up about things that are important to them. It also gives them a chance to meet up with old friends and make new ones.

The Health Lottery and People's Health Trust joint logos
Funded by People’s Health Trust using money raised by Health Lottery London East

1-1 advocacy service

We run an informal advocacy service for those people that need extra help and support. You can make an appointment by emailing us at info@hackneypeoplefirst.com


We can help you to make your information accessible to people with a learning disability and give you guidance and advice on accessibility issues.

Interview panel

We have an established and experienced panel of people with a learning disability that can help you to make sure those you offer a job to have the right skills to work with people with a learning disability.

Cost-of-Living Support

Funding from the London Community Foundation means we can support our beneficiaries with their energy costs, and eat together as a group!

Consultation projects within the local authority

e.g. Day Services / Personalisation / Homecare, etc.

& more…

Contact us to find out how we can help.

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